HOLLY DILTHEY | Lead Coordinator  

My wedding day was my favorite day.  It was a stress free day filled with fun, love and laughter.  I attribute this to my keen attention to detail paired with my 6+ years experience in the wedding industry.

I started BetterThanBridesmaids with my best friend (and bridesmaid) to give couples the opportunity to truly enjoy their wedding day without worrying about the stress of executing each and every detail involved in the often cumbersome wedding planning process.  

The opportunity to be part of a couple's special day is truly an honor.  I would love to coordinate your wedding day and hope to have many laughs along the way. 



JULIE NICKERSON | Associate Coordinator

I am very excited and motivated to begin working with couples through BetterThanBridesmaids. The name came to me when I thought about my own wedding day, and remembered the hesitation I felt of asking my family and bridesmaids to take on an extra task when they had already done so much for me. My goal is to relieve couples, friends, and family members of any stress of an exceptionally exciting day.

I have a keenness for DIY projects, staple pieces, witty humor, and motivating others to achieve results. My experiences as a behavior analyst in special education has harnessed my ability to multi-task, guide others, and identify and solve problems.  

BetterThanBridesmaids will be there to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch and allow you to celebrate your well-deserved day with those you hold dearest.